Jennifer Gilmer, CEO of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Thanks to Zain and his associate’s fantastic marketing knowledge and ability to create posts that people want to follow, we are busier than ever with leads pouring in on a weekly if not daily basis! 

We have been getting a constant inflow of new leads almost every day due to SMM's lead generation marketing.

We hired a PR company years ago to help us boost our Social Media presence after having tried to handle it in house.  We found one that got results but our following seemed to grow stagnant after the second of four years with them.

We found Zain from a local magazine that wrote a very impressive article about his entrepreneurial ability, having started his own business while still in High School.  When we met with him, he had fresh and excellent ideas to help us so we had him take over all of our PR and Social Media. It’s been just over a year and our following on all social media fronts have grown 100 fold!  

He and his team also discovered that our website was in dire need of attention.  Regardless of many complications, they were quickly able to get it to work more efficiently.  Now they are working to create a new website for us.  I’m sure that our new site will be amazing, just like our Social Media outreach is now.

David Schek, CEO of LeastStaff

I have used Smart Media Management for my social media advertising and found them very helpful and knowledgeable. I have known and worked with Zain for several years on various entrepreneurial projects, and have found him easy to work with, open to new ideas and responsive to everything I ask for. I highly recommend Smart Media Management.

Richard Hindin, CEO of Britches Bespoke and Fine Consigns Bethesda

I worked closely with Zain on social media projects for two businesses that I own - Fine Consigns Bethesda and Britches Bespoke.  In both assignments, Zain demonstrated a high degree of knowledge regarding social media and technical skills.

Zain was professional and knowledgeable. He was helpful in creating business strategies and the implementation of business plans that were feasible and practical, consistent with budgets he was provided. Zain’s strong knowledge of website development and social media skills resulted in outstanding marketing plans that he implemented efficiently and with great ease. Zain was thorough and responsive throughout the projects.  

I was extremely happy with the final products and impressed with Zain’s ability to work under the pressure of short deadlines.  Throughout the entire assignment, Zain was punctual for every meeting and completed tasks on a timely basis.  

Zain is personable and worked with a positive attitude throughout the projects.  He demonstrated a high level of proficiency and added positive suggestions on all aspects of his assignments.

In summary, Zain is an individual with a strong work ethic who takes great pride in his work.  I would highly recommend Zain for any project he chosses to accept.

Nesrin Abaza, CEO Latin Concepts, LLC

 We were in a middle of a crisis and had to redo 3 websites for 3 different entities along with menu changes, change of ownership of websites and link all 3 together.

Zain was able to create, adjust and activate live all 3 in no time with excellent quality, design and professionalism.

When I frantically texted Zain at 11:00 pm with a panic mode that 2 of our sites were down, he acted immediately and had a temporary up with in an hour!!!!

Now that is what I call great service and going beyond your duties!

Mauricio and I are eternally grateful for your work and look forward to working with Smart Media Management on all the web related aspects of our business.

Jeffrey Weinstein, CEO of the Weinstein Law Group

"Our firm used Zain and his team to build our new website, and we were very pleased with the results.  Zain and Phil were incredibly professional and responsive from the very beginning, and kept in regular touch throughout the process.  We ended up with a website that was a huge improvement over our old one, and at a very competitive cost.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Zain again." 

Rachel Cederbaum, CEO of Gold Signature Writers

Zain is helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. From the beginning, he helped me come up with a business plan that was feasible and deliverable. Once we had a plan for my website and social media, he executed it all with ease. He was thorough and super responsive the entire time. I was really happy with the final product and impressed with his ability to work well under pressure. He made what seemed a daunting process, easy. He is personable and intelligent and great to work with! I highly recommend his services, whether it be assisting with social media marketing, advertising, or designing a website, he can definitely help you achieve your business goals.

Becky Gerber, CEO of RGPT (Rebecca Gerber Physical Therapy)

I hired Zain and Phil to help me develop a website for my home physical therapy company.  They were professional, knowledgeable and had great suggestions to make my website easy to navigate and personal.  They referred me to another online site to have a company logo made which was also extremely helpful.  I found them personable and articulate from start to finish.  Lastly, their rates were extremely reasonable compared to the other companies I called which was important to me as a small business owner.  I would highly recommend their services.

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Yasmine Garreau, CEO of My Bus Jaune

Zain took me through the steps it would take to build my site, www.mybusjaune.com, and he was very generous in his time with doing this. His objective was to deliver something that I was totally happy with, and this is exactly what he did. I am very pleased with the result and recommend Zain to anyone who needs a dedicated problem solver.